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WMakerConf: A Configuration Utility for Window Maker

WMakerConf (short for Window Maker Configurator) is a configuration utility for the Window Maker window manager. Unlike the program included with Window Maker, WMakerConf uses the GTK+ graphics library. The current version of WMakerConf, 2.11, is linked against version 2.4 or greater of GTK+. It works well with WindowMaker 0.90. (It is no longer completely compatible with WindowMaker 0.80 - for that, download one of the older versions from below). In addition to GTK+, to compile you will also need libWINGs, libWUtil, and libwraster, all of which are available from development packages of Window Maker.

The original creator of WMakerConf is Ullrich Hafner, who authored versions through 2.9. As of version 2.9.1, WMakerConf has been adopted by Kevin McCarty, and now(2007/05/18) as version 2.12, WMakerConf has been adopted by Herbert P Fortes Neto. Thanks are due to numerous others; please see the AUTHORS and NLS-TEAM files in the source distribution for details. WMakerConf is free software, being licensed for distribution under the GNU General Public License.

Known Bugs

There may still be some issues left over from the port to GTK+ 2, but I think I've fixed most of them. WMakerConf also does not yet support all WindowMaker attributes; notably, support for changing cursor icons is missing.


All screenshots can be found here.



Version 2.12 update spanish po file, sort shortcuts list, and stop a few compiler's warnings.


Version 2.11 is the long-awaited final port of WMakerConf to GTK+ 2. It also now understands the new font name format used by Window Maker 0.90. As a result, it is probably somewhat incompatible with Window Maker 0.80.

2.10 (experimental code!)

I have prepared a prototype version of WMakerConf, version 2.10, that links against GTK+ 2.x. This is experimental code. There are more problems with it than I have time or energy to fix. Anyone who wants to take over maintenance of WMakerConf is welcome to do so; a list of issues to be fixed can be found in the TODO file in the source code.


A few more bugs were fixed in the handling of workspace specific backgrounds (the WindowMaker "WorkspaceSpecificBack" property). Panels are now sorted alphabetically instead of at (quasi-)random. The default web browser may be selected at compile time.


Version 2.9.1 of WMakerConf is the first release in a couple years. Not to be too ambitious, this is largely a bug-fix release for 2.9. Changes include fixes of various crashes and other minor bugs, and a few new or updated translations.


All files are here.

Last release 2.12.

The 2.11 tarball includes both source code and configuration data of WMakerConf. If you need only the configuration data, try the wmakerconf-data- file.

Version 2.10 is experimental

Older versions are 2.9.2 and 2.9. The data tarball is necessary

All versions here are compatible only with version 0.80.0 or higher of Window Maker.


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Copyright 2007 Herbert P Fortes Neto.